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Disposable Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The company has established a complete medical device quality management system, passed the EU EN IS0 13,485 system certification, and its products have obtained the CE certification. In addition to domestic sales, our products are also exported to overseas markets such as Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Keywords: stapler/minimally invasive device

Product introduction


● With PA high pressure resistance materials to ensure the safety of dilatation.
● With sextuplicate-wing folding, it can easily pass through endoscope channel with 2.8mm; it is safe and convenient to dilate under the observation of endoscope.
● The balloon portion has the radiopaque marker, witch can be seen clearly under X-Ray.
● Equipped guide wire: 0.035.
● Product quality is highly guaranteed by production in clean room and strict inspection before delivery.
● Sterilized product, no need to re-sterilize before use.


Model Number Balloon O.D. (mm) Balloon Length (mm) Catheter Length (mm) Remarks
HM/301-0630 6 30 1100,1800,2000,2300 triplicate-wing folding, endoscope channel≥2.8mm, guide wire diameter: 0.035″.
HM/301-0840 8 40 1100,1800,2000,2300 sextuplicate-wing folding, endoscope channel≥2.8mm, guide wire diameter: 0.035″.
HM/301-1040 10 40 1100,1800,2000,2300
HM/301-1240 12 40 1100,1800,2000,2300
HM/301-1260 12 60 1100,1800,2000,2300
HM/301-1440 14 40 1100,1800,2000,2300
HM/301-1460 14 60 1100,1800,2000,2300
HM/301-1660 16 60 1100,1800,2000,2300
HM/301-1860 18 60 900 sextuplicate-wing folding, not suitable for endoscope use, guide wire with diameter 0.035″ can pass through.
HM/301-2060 20 60 900
HM/301-2580 25 80 900
HM/301-3080 30 80 900
HM/301-3580 35 80 900


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