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Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope
Product Name

Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope



● Automatic, time-saving, less effort, simple and practical
● Only 5-10 minutes are used for one person to complete the operation.
● Clinic treats without anesthesia.
● Slightly bitter, rare complications.



● Various hemorrhoids
● Mixed hemorrhoids
● For persons who have hemorrhoids block or incomplete anal pad rebound after PPH or other therapy, this product can be used as a supplementary treatment.
● Other: rectal focal disease, such as rectal polyps, rectum hemangioma (vascular malformation), etc.


Operation Steps::


● Choose knee-chest position and lateral position, routine disinfect the skin in operative field.
● Insert the anoscope, disinfect rectum and anal tube, reveal the dentate line and hemorrhoids block.
● Connect the pressure suction joint and foreign negative pressure suction system, and hold the vent switch in the handle.
● Insert the barrel and aim through the anoscope. During the negative pressure suction, the tissue is drawn into the barrel. When negative pressure value get to 0.08 ~ 0.1 MPa, pull the line wheel and release the ligature loop.
● Loosen the vent switch in the handle, release the tissue by ligation (about small finger), and then move on to the next position to ligature.



Model Number Quantity of Ligature loops (pcs) Remarks
HM/601-5-B 5 with a group of anoscope
HM/601-4-B 4
HM/601-3-B 3
HM/601-2-B 2
HM/601-1-B 1


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