Common types and applications of staplers

1. Disposable linear stapler

Two rows of spaced staples are provided to close the tissue in a straight line without cutting function. It is applicable to thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, such as the operation of the lung lump, main bronchus, portal vein, pancreatic head and distal rectum.

2. Single use linear cutting stapler for open surgery

The suture device can simultaneously punch three rows of cross arranged staples on both sides of the tissue, and then use a push knife to cut and break the sewn tissue on both sides, which is used to cut and suture the tissue. It is applicable to thoracic surgery, general surgery, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, such as lobectomy, gastrointestinal anastomosis, etc.

3. Disposable endoscopic cutting stapler and components

Under most endoscopes, the head nail box of the occluder can change the direction and operate more flexibly in a narrow surgical space; At the same time, a disposable safety device is provided to avoid the secondary firing of the used nail box and ensure the safety of the operation;

At the same time, the front end of the nail box has a wide opening, which is convenient for the tissue to be included; This type of stapler has 6 rows of staples in total, and there is a blade in the nail box. When stapling, the blade cuts the tissue from the middle, so that 3 rows of staples on both sides can complete the functions of suture, hemostasis, etc;

In addition, there is an electric cavity mirror closer, which is more convenient than manual operation when cutting.

Precautions: Before loosening the suture, the redundant tissues and organs to be removed must be removed along the edge of the mouth of the suture. After the broken end is disinfected with iodine, the suture must be loosened and removed.

Ensure no tension at the anastomosis; Ensure the blood supply of anastomotic stoma; The nail gate with the corresponding nail leg length must be selected according to the tissue thickness, and the blade cutting must be pushed in the middle of the titanium nail line.

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