10 Billion Stapler Market in the Micro invasive Era

Steady growth of minimally invasive surgery in China, boosting the market of 10 billion staplers

Stapler has great advantages over traditional manual suture in surgery, and is widely used in thoracic surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, urology and other surgical fields. As the number of operations in China continues to grow and the penetration rate of minimally invasive surgery continues to increase, the bank predicts that the market size of staplers in China in 2022 will be 10.929 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 14.058 billion yuan (CAGR=8.8%) in 2025, with a compound growth rate higher than the global average. As the mainstream variety of minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic staplers will develop rapidly in the future with broad market space.

Domestic stapler manufacturers have fierce competition, and there is still room in the market of endoscopic electric stapler

Since 2015, the state has supported domestic medical equipment and consumables, encouraged research and innovation of medical devices, and promoted domestic stapler companies to flourish everywhere. At present, domestic staplers have been basically replaced by open staplers; The varieties of endoscopic staplers are still dominated by imported brands, and there is still room for domestic substitution (the domestic market share of endoscopic staplers will be 30% in 2020). With the continuous improvement of technology, the era of electric staplers is led by imported brands dominated by Johnson&Johnson, and domestic stapler manufacturers have gradually entered the field of electric staplers under the trend of innovation guidance and industrial integration.

Companies with strong R&D strength, complete product layout and high export share have more opportunities

Safety and innovation are the core clinical needs of staplers, which meet their needs. Stapler manufacturers continue to invest in research and development and accumulate technology; Stapler products involve a wide range of techniques, requiring the company to make a comprehensive layout, open and minimally invasive; Electrification and intelligence of staplers are the future trend. Whether an electric/intelligent stapler can be successfully commercialized is the touchstone for testing stapler companies; Under the background of centralized procurement and the trend of normalization of epidemic situation, domestic+overseas dual wheel drive is the choice to win in stability.

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The square column shaped staples with a cross section similar to a rectangle contact a plane with the nail pusher plate, so as to avoid the offset or distortion of the nail legs when the nail pusher plate moves.

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