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Biopsy forceps manufacturers recommend biopsy forceps for you

Biopsy forceps manufacturers recommend biopsy forceps for you

In the previous biopsy forceps manufacturers: Biopsy forceps What are the characteristics of content, we introduced the characteristics of the biopsy forceps slightly from the shape and structure. The following contents of our biopsy forceps manufacturers will focus on the use of for everyone to introduce.
The use of biopsy forceps is based on the use of endoscopes to pick and choose the right diameter and length of the sampling pliers. Under the surveillance of the endoscope, the sampling forceps enter through the end of the forceps clamp hole, and after the accurate positioning, push the slip ring (open the jaws) on the plastic handle, close the sampled tissue and pull the slip ring backwards (Jaws closed), complete the sampling. Pull the hose back to remove the sampling pliers. Needle-type sampling pliers is recommended when encountering easily slipped tissue.
On the use of the effect, the one-time use of biopsy forceps material on the human body without toxic side effects. Simple and convenient operation, the spring hose is smooth, not easy to damage the endoscopic clamp hole, and through the strong. Claw head sharp knife, the patient trauma. If you have the needs in this area, but also contact us: 0519-88963286.